Working with Friends as Superiors (Friendagers)

50's woman smoking deskI had the privilege to at one point in my career work with one of my best friends. At a time when I had left the industry and was screaming and crying to get back in, this particular friend contacted upper management on my behalf. Through her recommendation and my stellar interview (still my best at this point) I was hired to work with her where we spent the next 5 years hip to hip managing and cultivating not only the direction of the office but also a fantastic friendship where honesty and loyalty to each other was not only implied, but relied upon. When we were not at work we were having doggie play dates, drooling over Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars at every Motley Crue concert that came to town, having spats at Cedar Point over who said who was going to ride what and then chicken out, and shared a love of the supernatural and spiritual beliefs. That is, of course, until the amusement ride of our personal/professional relationship broke and I was the one catapulted out of the car. A decision (which I admit, I had caused the problem) had to be made. And since she was in a position to make it for me, she made the decision to cover her ass and boot mine.

Lesson Number 537-If you decide working with your friend is such a fantastic idea you must remember what position you will both be put in if shit hit’s the fan. For my part I made the error of judgment to believe love and friendship would conquer over something silly like violating corporate employment guidelines. When your beloved is your manager, they could end up in the hot seat for looking the other way when you commit a corporate sin. I’m telling you the speed at which all honesty and loyalty fly out the window is warp. He/She will sell you out so expediously as to guarantee they will have a job to come back to the next day, it won’t make your head spin, it will literally blow it off you body. On the flip side, while ex-friendager hands you your pink slip along with the shit bag of your own making, remember you are now in a position to decide just how warranted this disciplinarian action is and whether you would even want to continue this relationship on a personal level. My Friendager pulled the “It’s not personal it’s business” defense. If your friendager pulls this card, they’re trying to have it both ways. You need to make the decision for yourself just how far this roller coaster car fell off track. In conclusion I would say based on my experience I would not recommend the friendager relationship. However if you feel your relationship is strong enough to withstand the inevitable my guest. (And I apologize in advance for being right).


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